How to Fix Horses that Buck, Rear, Bite, Kick & Spook – Horse Training Video Course Presentation

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default How to Fix Horses that Buck, Rear, Bite, Kick & Spook   Horse Training Video Course Presentation

Learn how to fix horses that have bad behavior problems like bucking, rearing, biting, kicking, spooking and more at This vid…
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25 Responses to “How to Fix Horses that Buck, Rear, Bite, Kick & Spook – Horse Training Video Course Presentation”
  1. cranberry1lover says:

    I got bucked off while galloping xc…I tore my shoulder and have never been as confident sucks

  2. myprophet1 says:

    Oh yes, lets “fix” the horse! It is truely the horse that needs “fixing”.. It will NEVER be a human that needs “fixing” cuz horses are BORN bad & need “fixing” Dummies! A horse can only be a horse! YOU have problems with a horse (or dog, cow, goat, rhino) YOU are the problem, fix U!!

  3. CristalcatXP says:

    How is this person not wise? It can be tricky to control a horse and fix a problem like this, but at least he/she is willing to try.

  4. CristalcatXP says:

    It doesn’t work that way…

  5. TheMoonwishes says:

    She’s getting barn sour. You can try rewarding her when she leaves home by feeding her away from home instead. You may want to try doing this on the ground first. This method doesn’t ALWAYS work, but it’s usually worth a try. Do not punish her if she is going the right way, but you can punish her when she bolts. Seriously consider leading her with a chain first.

  6. Kirsten Gordon says:

    Kylee Mercer, I know how it feels. I too had a Saddlebred who did exactly the same. Special was harder headed than the bull – I sorted her out by taking her for long walks on foot and doing groundwork far away from her comfort zone. If she became anxious to turn back or rear I would do a one rein stop. If I did not feel comfortable riding I would get off and walk her till I felt she had calmed down. Its not easy; I know where you are coming from!

  7. Kirsten Gordon says:

    I had a really bad fall off my buckskin when she bolted with me then turned a sharp corner and lost balance throwing me into a fence. This same mare reared and fell backwards missing my mother by inches – we did discover the ‘problem’ she is just generally fearful of saddles (she was previously abused) We started from scratch and she is doing great. I still have certain phobias while out riding; I guess a fall does more emotional damage than physical bones heal memories don’t. Gotta make peace.

  8. Kylee Mercer says:

    We have a Saddlebred Mare that is 16’2 & we cant get her to leave home. She acts like she is gonna rear by picking her front legs up. I can have her head turned completley towards the way i want her to go and she just side steps and shes so focused on going home she will run into things and nearly fall over picking up her front legs at the same time. She will canter in the complete opposite direction of the way i want her to go and its so hard to stop her or get her to turn around.Please help?

  9. ishmeal addotey says:

    i need one horse

  10. ishmeal addotey says:

    give me one female horse i will give u many tricks

  11. ishmeal addotey says:

    u are not wise

  12. saddleback101 says:

    Oh no, I would LOVE to look at the training course, but I honestly haven’t had any time lately because I’ve been working extra days. As soon as I’ve got time, I’ll take a look at the course, it does look very interesting.

  13. ltrocha says:

    This is what truly baffles me. Right here on this webpage is a video which tells about a training course that shows EXACTLY how to fix your problem. A training course presented by a world renowned horse trainer, famous for delivering good results.

    Yet, you totally ignore this PROVEN solution to seek advice from a totally unknown source of questionable expertise.

    I would love to know why. My guess is because it’s free and nothing more.

  14. saddleback101 says:

    (CONT2) have time to think. I really need it to stop because it’s dangerous for both of us. It hurts when he does get me off and he pulled a ligament doing it so now he’s on stall rest for 40 days and needs shockwave treatments. And I know the internet isn’t the best place to look for advice, nothing anybody has said helps, but neither of my trainers can figure it out, and the people we bought him from said he never did it with them.

  15. saddleback101 says:

    (CONT.) g hay or something but he doesn’t run away or anything. And my trainer can’t figure out how to stop it, we’ve tried everything, and he will go a few months being perfect and then it will start up again. He will be totally fine until, all relaxed, listening well, and then he will just explode. So it’s not a fresh thing, because he’s very lazy and laid back until it happens. And I’ve never tried letting the reins loose, I’m kind of trying not to fall of when it happens and I don’t really

  16. saddleback101 says:

    Yes everything fits him fine, like I said, he’s not in pain. He won’t do anything when my trainer gets on him, he’s a perfect angel. Which is why I think it’s a respect thing. And it’s not like he’s confused, he’s an 18 year old ex-lesson horse, he’s had 6 year olds yanking his mouth, missing distances, giving incorrect singnals, etc. so I really don’t know why he chooses to do this with me. And he is in a stall for half the day, outside the other half, he will come when called unless he’s eatin

  17. Truly Jupiter says:

    Try this, have on a lead and stand quietly in front of him. Is he watching you? Move to either the right or left side of him, does he turn his head away from you? If so, he is ignoring you. Will he flex? Does he come when you call him? Do you leave him stalled?
    When he bucks what happens if you let the reins go completely lax?
    There can be so many reasons he’s doing what he’s doing. You might want to get *real* professional help.

  18. Truly Jupiter says:

    You are sure the saddle and everything fits and is on him correctly? Have you tried working with him bitless? Has anyone else gotten onto to him and he do the same thing? I don’t want to give you wrong advice, because there isn’t one easy answer. Just remember, the ‘slow way is the fast way’ with a horse. Take things slow until he knows the right answer. Always make the hard thing easy and the easy thing hard.
    If he thinks he’s in charge, then you need to practice being a leader.

  19. saddleback101 says:

    Then please tell me what it is. I’ve tried everything. It’s not his mouth, he’s in a rubber bit, it’s not his back, he’s not in any pain at all, so if it’s me, please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I know it’s not just him, he’s a good boy for the most part, a beautiful mover and he has a great jump, he just bucks. So really, tell me what to do to stop it.

  20. TheLittleColoured Cob says:

    But now I’m scared to hack now I hate going I only like walking on hacks. Put me on any other horse and I’ll happily go galloping but NOT on my pony I just fall off every time help?? X

  21. TheLittleColoured Cob says:

    My horse is lovely and I’m starting to bombproof her its going really well, when I got her she was fine she had done everything as she is my first horse she trusts me we are perfect together but I take her on hacks and when we canter she always bucks me off no matter how I try and stay on she just won’t stop. I’ve changed bits gone in front everything I really don’t know what to do?! I’ve had her back checked done it all really, I’m only 12 but I’ve been riding for 10years so I have done a lot..

  22. Truly Jupiter says:

    It is not the horse. Trust me.

  23. saddleback101 says:

    My horse doesn’t respect me, he used to be a lesson horse an now he thinks he is in charge. He bucks because he doesn’t want to work and he won’t do anything more than a trot on the lunge line, even if you hit him with the whip. I used to be a very confident rider but now a lot of that confidence is gone and I’m getting very tired of eating dirt from bucking. And it’s not just one little buck, it’s a “I want you off, and you’re coming off” kind of buck.

  24. cometazo says:

    what do you think about this guy?


  25. sulphurfire says:

    Will this video help with a horse that lays down in response to pressure, she gives her head but not her feet if you understand what I’m saying.

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